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Why should you own real estate in Aruba?

  • There are many reasons, both for the short term and long term. We have assembled some of the most important reasons Aruba is a great place to live or buy a second residence!

  • Aruba has the third-lowest price per square footage in the Caribbean. That makes its real estate and investing in a second home in Aruba more affordable than investing in other Caribbean islands.

  • Aruba's strict local mortgage rules prevent any kind of problem even from the very beginning of the home buying process.

  • Foreigners can own a property or a second home in Aruba.

  • Aruba has low property taxes with garbage pickup included in it. You can also take advantage of the tax breaks for homeowners.

  • It is your home so you can go in anytime you want, host your guests and cook any food that you like, anytime you want. If you're a vacationist, this is even more beneficial as you can visit Aruba with your friends and family anytime you want without the need for any reservation or additional lodging charges.

  • You can decorate the home anyhow you want and carry only small luggage when traveling down to Aruba since all you need is already in your home.

  • Aruba has a large tourism sector with numerous unique, rugged landscape and beautiful beaches to explore. That means you have a high-income generating potential when you use your home as an investment by reselling it or renting it out. You may even use the proceed of your investment (especially rent) to cover your mortgage.

  • You have the freedom to choose your desired home location. That means you can buy a second home near your favorite vacation spot and explore Aruba to your heart's desire since.
  • The value of properties rises on a controlled, steady pace. That makes unrealistic gains and short term virtually impossible.
  • Aruba has the second lowest price per square footage in the Caribbean, making real estate relatively affordable.

  • Property value rises, on a steady, controlled pace, making short term and unrealistic gains, improbable.

  • Limited speculation in the real estate market, chances of meltdowns is limited, without taking into account external, uncontrollable events. Steady, healthy growth is more likely.

  • Local mortgage rules are relatively strict, preventing all kinds of problems right off the bat.

  • Foreigners can own property on both property land, as well as long lease land.

  • Owning a piece of Aruba real estate is precious as the supply is limited.

  • Political, fiscal and legal stability offers confidence in the investment.

  • Heavily dependent tourism sector allows for a lucrative vacation rental option when property not in use.

  • Connections to major cities in the US, Canada, South America guarantees accessibility to the property.